I think you are missing the point

Thanks for your advice but I think you are missing the point. You may need to work 2-3 jobs each. Even working 80 hours a week you can still cook meals, mow grass, and spend time with the family. One parent should be work at all times, 24×7. Hopefully, this will be temporary because of promotions and raises.

Tara, cut the cell phones now. Your reason for having them is completely wrong and harmfully. You should be saving all cable tv and cell phone money to pay for doctors visits and to save for the time when you can afford medicial insurance.

Define luxery. I say cell phone, cable tv, diswasher, cloths dryer, cars with power windows. Buy these things only whey all other necessities are paid for.

time managementWell, then, I must be in the 99% of the uninsured due to materialism. I decided it was more important to have a decent place to live and food to eat instead of spending at least 3/4 of my income for health insurance. Don’t know where you live but where i do jobs are getting hard to find and right now I’m only getting about 30 hours per week. Don’t tell me to work 80 hours a week. I’m working to support myself and my kids and to be able to spend time with them. Working that much would mean never seeing my kids. I will not leave my kids to raise themselves! Even teenagers need a parent around on a daily basis. Find me health insurance that doesn’t cost at least 80% of my total income and I’ll sign up. I’m not very religious yet this seems to be a very apt quote: “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Where are your figures from? You come here and spout out all kinds of vitriol and do not quote any sources. What your son does is his own business and is not pertinent to this discussion.

Would everyone PLEASE who is going to quote some nonsensical statistics like these state your sources? I’m sick of teaching for 25 years and being so underpaid while the school makes billions. I can tell you a lot of other things I’m sick of but no one cares!

A clothes dryer is luxury? How do you think you can dry clothes without a dryer? You certainly can’t hang them outside to dry in the winter when it is 20 degrees outside. And taking them to a laundromat would cost more than buying a dryer. And if parents are working 24/7 than there is no family time. The Bible says that parents are to raise their children in the ways of the Lord. Families are supposed to spend time together-ALL of them. If one parent is always working than that does not leave any time for the whole family to be together. Nor does it leave time for church and worship. I would never choose to work instead of going to church on Sunday. I would rather do without insurance than leave my kids to raise themselves and do without the instruction of the Lord because I am too busy working to spend time with them and take them to church.