I have been laid off and lived off credit cards

I have been laid off and lived off credit cards when I was unemployed for a year (needless to say I racked up some major debt there), I’ve had the unexpected major car repair and had to take a loan out. I’ve been there done that and am still doing it. We are trying to get out of debt (our two cc are both maxed out currently), but my point it that my debt is my fault and my responsibility not the credit card companies or the bank I took the loan out from.

I am not going to blame them for getting me into to debt. If I had followed the spending habits my very wise parents tried to instill in me then I would have had the savings to take care of these things, but I didn’t and I’m still not real good at in now, but I am the ONLY one to blame for the situation I’m currently in. I really don’t understand why people want to blame the cc companies. Yep, I had to pay and over the limit penalty this time, but I knew those were their terms when I accepted the card and I went over the limit, that card is physically in my control so I can I blame the cc companies for that???

Okay the question hasn’t been asked, why do we as humans think it is okay to use credit? Why do we think we can afford it, if we can afford the min payments? How can a culture go from being shameful about having to use credit, to its presitge to have a platinum card in 50 years? Do other countires have the same belief?

I have noticed how most/some people seem to not know when enough is enough, weather its food, house, car, alcohol or credit. We are all about the excess and extremes. How 100 years ago, you had two outfits one for church and one for the week, now look how many outfits we have, and what would people say if you wore the same outfit everyday for a week….How big our houses are, how big our cars are with all the bell and whistles. And if we don’t have it we feel deprived.

I guess the reason I put this post in this topic is because we do, as humans, like to blame others, even though it is our fault, its easier. But also we were taught/ lead to believe how somehow this was all okay. We can always get another loan to fix it, besides everyone else is doing it this way.

The CC companies do have some blame too, once they have you on the wheel, they don’t let you off. Someone had said read the fine print…hmmm did and it wasn’t going to affect me so I wasn’t worried. Universal default is a crock, and I couldn’t of told you what that was a year and half ago.

After I stopped using credit cards and began to fix my debt problem, and no longer cared how it was going to affect my FICO score. I was amazed how many commericals were on for use of credit cards, or cars payments . I had never noticed it before until I had decided I would never do or use it agian. Have you noticed?

The government isn’t going to fix this, nor do I expect them too, but we can educate ourselves and our friends and our children on how to fix it, and no I beleive it is not okay to use credit.

I also believe the easy avaliabilty of credit is why we have outrageous house prices, car prices, and malls. And why minimum wage isn’t rasied because those who earn it can always use credit to live…..hummmm something is very wrong with that.

I also believe we are on a bubble that is about to burst, because eventually something is going to have to give. Sorry to ramble I’ve just been thinking about this for the last few days, and shredded at least 6 different cc offers in the process, and my credit score has to be awful.

If one parent is gone all the time, then guess what?

If one parent is gone all the time, then guess what? Relationship problems come up, and sometimes divorce.

I can tell ya, it wouldn’t matter if I got rid of every luxury I have, and they are few and far between, I could NOT spend $1000 per month to pay for insurance for my family, it just ain’t happening.

I am NOT going to work another full time job, considering I have 2 right now, one is my paying job, the other is my “non-paying” job that hopefully very soon is going to turn into a paying job.

Even when answers for sources is given, there will always be people who do not want to hear it because they would rather believe the lies given by the popular media and the liberal politicians.

Even if there are 37 million uninsured, if over half of them choose to be uninsured because they are self-insured or because they are young and believe themselves to be invincible, there is no reason to believe that any of us are, as one person sent me, ‘looking down noses’ at anyone (see e-mail sent me below).

No one seems to ask CNN, ABC, NBC, or Hillary where they get their figures from and to state their source….

Health Insurance is a fact of life and is something that should be factored into the cost of living, just like car insurance, homeowners (or renters) insurance, etc. Like car and homeowners, you may need to shop around for the most affordable available.

I’m not going to waste my time looking at your other “sources” as the first one from the Business and Media Institute (whatever that is) quotes “one prominent study” but does not mention what study it is. Very poor citation.

Even by the admission of that article, 37 million Americans are uninsured. For whatever reason, health insurance and health care costs are way too high.

I’m glad you can afford it and can look down your nose at everyone on this blog.

If only we were all so wonderful.

You want to know what my sources are? The people that I speak to day in and day out. My friend, that because our company does not offer insurance, cannot afford to go to the dr and get her blood pressure meds. I know hundreds of people that can’t pay their bills, and therefore cannot afford to pay health insurance. I work in the medical field, I talk to the people that deal with this day in and day out.

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to pay for healthcare. But we don’t live in a perfect world.