Re: Innocent people are harmed when someone files bankruptcy

I have been a lurker for almost a year now. I have been able to reap the benefits of being a member, and while I still live paycheck to paycheck at this point, I can actually make it week to week now. Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to make it, especially on rent week, but we always do. I may have to borrow out of my next weeks check on rent week, but we still make it when I have to do that.

I personally have never had to file bankruptcy. I lost my home 2 years ago when my husband and I split up. With no help from him, it was not easy, and that was the only bill I was not able to pay with my wages. The upside to that is this….we were living in a depressed, drug infested neighborhood, and by losing the home, I was able to get a fresh start in a good, quiet neighborhood. The house was falling apart around me, and I could do nothing about it. There was no heat and air, and my kids cut down trees that year for heat during an extreme cold snap. But it’s okay that it happened in the way it did. I am grateful for the changes that I was forced to make.

When I went to get our furnishings out of storage, I found that everything, furniture, pictures, etc., was water damaged and molded. I moved into the new rent house with a chair, 4 twin size mattresses, a tv, table, and my computer. Then I met a wonderful family who was moving into the house next door and having a garage sale of the current owner’s (her mom) furnishings. I cleaned that house after my regular job for 4 days. I was paid $100.00 cash and whatever furniture didn’t sell that I could use. I was able to provide beds for us, a love seat and 2 chairs to sit on, a butcher block table and chairs, too many things to list here.

Right now, the only thing on my credit is a lot of medical bills from when my kids were uninsured. But that has brought my score down to about 550. My husband finally got a job this year after being out of work for 1.5 years, and that has helped immensely. So, what I had to rent (stove, refrigerator) will be paid off soon, and that will be one less weekly payment. While I don’t like paying high rental prices, I know that when my income tax comes, I will pay them off and not have those payments again. Then I can focus on cleaning up the credit to buy my own home rather than rent.

If I would have been able to, I probably would have filed bk before I lost my home. But that was not possible. I know that bad things happen to good people, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. And not be faulted for it. Or chastised for doing what was necessary. And, as others have said, that person has not walked in your shoes and has no right to judge. I pray that something like this (bk) doesn’t happen to anyone, but moreover, I pray that they make it through, and begin to rebuild their lives and finances.

Good luck and God Bless to all of you, and thanks for having me here and letting me vent!

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you are able to build things back up a little at a time. That is wonderful your neighbor was able to help you out with the furniture. I agree, no one should be chastised or judged.

Thanks pup, you are 100% right and everyone already knows that. I intentionally pay extra in many ways for the convenince of electronic payments using my convenience card. I like the convenience, itemized statement, and short term 30 day loan that the convenience card offers over cash and I am will to pay extra.

Innocent people are harmed when someone files bankruptcy

I feel that many people overlooked who is harmed when someone files personal bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is a very serious decision and should only be on very rare occasions. It is tempting to file bankruptcy to get a ‘fresh start’ especially when lawyers, judges, and politicians make it so easy but that does not make it right.

Honest, hardworking, decent Americians are going to eventually pay for all bankruptcies. CC companies/hospitals/banks all pass bad debt on to all of their customers through higher fees, higher interest rate on debt, etc.

If someone defaults on a hospital bill does the doctor or nurse not get paid? Of course not, the hospital just charges the next patients extra to cover the cost of the bankruptcy.

PLEASE take personal bankruptcy seriously and do everything possible to avoid it. Live within your means. Plan for emergencies. Buy good insurance. Etc…

Do you preach your same message to big business who file bankruptcy and hurt many people? Do you preach to the credit card co’ s to stop easy credit? Are you for loan shark interest that holds people hostage?

  • Abe Lincoln filed banbkruptcy twice.
  • Miltin Hershey, as in candy, filed bankruptcy 4 times.
  • Walt Disney filed,
  • Dave Ramey filed and many, many others.

They all needed a fresh start. You have not walked in the shoes of anyone who has filed.

If you shop at stores that take Visa and MC are you paying less if you use cash? I don’t think so. I sure don’t.

Innocent people who choose not to use credit cards are paying higher prices because the CC Co’s are charging high merchant fees, who in turn set thier prices higher because of this fee. Then these “nice” credit card co’s pay some who play the “rewards” game money back … our money that we paid in higher prices !!!! Oh, and it’s so sad that some believe these CC Co’s are just gving these rewards out of the goodness of their heart! LOL What heart? You’re screwed even if you don’t use a credit card! Now THAT is unfair!

I think there is also a difference. Good people, needing a fresh start ok. I know of people who go out run up LARGE credit card debt, expensive cars, etc, then file bankrupcy and start the whole thing over again….not right.