Not always that simple, either

My fella paid $3,000.00 and I paid the rest off my compUSA (Household Bank) this last month and at the beginning of this month and for the sake of the institutions ‘diddling around’, the main payment was about a week and a half in getting there and all.

Just enough to justify them dinging me for another $448.70. because the payment was a few days ‘late’ to avoid the promo interest being tacked on (One of those ‘No interest for a year’ things).

My dream of having a zero balance shot because of the those few dang days.

If ‘MY’ choices were honored, I’d be paid off. But they aren’t happy with almost $3,300.00, “let’s do jenny for another $448 or whatever we can get from her.”

We can choose, sure, but they make the final choices and will totally muck us up when it suits them, as well.

Juniper is gone though, and I started paying the Kinecta card instead. Nicer to know this is going to the Princepal and only a little bit to the 12% interest instead of JUNIPER’s 26.24% interest.

I agree that credit cards should not be used. However, if we are talking about credit in the grand sense, how would we be able to buy houses and cars.

Again, this post is not really helpful to this group. My understanding of the group is that there are people here who got themselves into debt for whatever reason and are seeking advice from others about how to get out of debt and deal with credit card companies.

People on here telling us credit cards should not be used, we shouldn’t use credit cards, we shouldn’t get into debt, etc are just closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out.

I came here looking for practical advice – NOT preaching from “holier than thou” people telling us what we already know.

If you think consumers should NEVER use a credit card, etc. I suggest starting a new group and you can put the rest of us down all you want and feel superior.