That’s great you got a new laptop

Hey, That’s great you got a new laptop. Life is full of surprises and sometimes they are good! 🙂 I got my annual property tax bill for my car in the mail yesterday. So did my husband. He totally surprised me when he said,,give it to me..I’ll pay it for you. I wasn’t expecting that so it sure made my day! 🙂

Here we go again. What on earth do you think is helpful about acknowledging that CC companies are for profit and that “responsible” consumers have no credit card debt? I hope you don’t hurt yourself getting off your hight horse. Savings!? You must live in a bubble not realizing that there are those not in debt who are only living hand to mouth.

I don’t understand why you think it is up to the government to control who gets credit card offers. If they send on to someone (regardless of if they qualify and what their current debt situation is) and that person accepts the card and uses it then it is that persons responsibility not the governments or the credit card companies! All that person would have to do is tear up the offer or shred it. I don’t even open them I just shred them.

If I get myself in trouble with credit cards (which I have in the past and am now trying to get it paid off and change my spending habits) then it is not the credit card companies fault because the sent me an offer nor is it the governments fault because they did not stop the credit card company from sending the offer, it is MINE and MINE alone. I don’t understand why you continually try to push responsibility off on everyone else.

Like I have said before no one held a gun to your head and said take this card and use it or even worse max it out. I know that from personal experience and I accept the SOLE responsibility because I am the one that WILLINGLY used the card not anyone else. People have to start taking responsibility instead of trying to blame others.

There is a whole lot you don’t understand. It is up to the government to pass laws to protect people from usury.

I am not trying to push responsibility off onto someone else. I would like to see some fairness and as long as Congress is in bed with the CC/ banking industry, there is no fairness.

Simple? Have you never been laid off? Have you never had a medical emergency? Have you never had an unexpected car repair bill? I pray you never suffer the way so many others have but unfortunately what happens sometimes is one gets the credit card and has to use it in an emergency or…

Everyone should be concerned about big corporations influence on the laws in this country. Do you want loan sharks writing the laws and spineless politicians who do as they say because they are dependent on them for their outrageously expensive re elections?

As many people have found out, the terms of a credit card can change and can change in ways that are not made clear on an agreement. Many people who are currenly being held hostage with ridiclously steep fees because they are unable to pay off a balance are suffering greatly. You think this is fair when a debtor is trying to repay a debt. I don’t!