Innocent people are harmed when someone files bankruptcy

I feel that many people overlooked who is harmed when someone files personal bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is a very serious decision and should only be on very rare occasions. It is tempting to file bankruptcy to get a ‘fresh start’ especially when lawyers, judges, and politicians make it so easy but that does not make it right.

Honest, hardworking, decent Americians are going to eventually pay for all bankruptcies. CC companies/hospitals/banks all pass bad debt on to all of their customers through higher fees, higher interest rate on debt, etc.

If someone defaults on a hospital bill does the doctor or nurse not get paid? Of course not, the hospital just charges the next patients extra to cover the cost of the bankruptcy.

PLEASE take personal bankruptcy seriously and do everything possible to avoid it. Live within your means. Plan for emergencies. Buy good insurance. Etc…

Do you preach your same message to big business who file bankruptcy and hurt many people? Do you preach to the credit card co’ s to stop easy credit? Are you for loan shark interest that holds people hostage?

  • Abe Lincoln filed banbkruptcy twice.
  • Miltin Hershey, as in candy, filed bankruptcy 4 times.
  • Walt Disney filed,
  • Dave Ramey filed and many, many others.

They all needed a fresh start. You have not walked in the shoes of anyone who has filed.

If you shop at stores that take Visa and MC are you paying less if you use cash? I don’t think so. I sure don’t.

Innocent people who choose not to use credit cards are paying higher prices because the CC Co’s are charging high merchant fees, who in turn set thier prices higher because of this fee. Then these “nice” credit card co’s pay some who play the “rewards” game money back … our money that we paid in higher prices !!!! Oh, and it’s so sad that some believe these CC Co’s are just gving these rewards out of the goodness of their heart! LOL What heart? You’re screwed even if you don’t use a credit card! Now THAT is unfair!

I think there is also a difference. Good people, needing a fresh start ok. I know of people who go out run up LARGE credit card debt, expensive cars, etc, then file bankrupcy and start the whole thing over again….not right.