Is a cell phone a luxury?

Why is a cell phone a luxury? It’s the only phone I’ve got. Did you also know there are pay-as-you go cell phones? You buy a card to get more time when you need it. No monthly bill. In any case for years I drove a vehicle that would break down every few weeks leaving me stranded, usually way out in the country, with three small children. I will not leave home without a cell phone. Not after having spent a few hours on the side of the road hoping that someone would stop because there weren’t any houses nearby or nobody was home.

As for each parent working 2 or 3 jobs you’re forgetting about parents like me. I’m not married. Are you saying that I should have remained in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship just so we could each work 2 or 3 jobs without leaving the kids home by themselves? Not happening. I grabbed what I could and left for my sake and for my children. I will never allow anyone to put me down constantly like he did. Anything negative or unpleasant in the marriage was always 100% my fault, he was never involved even when it came to how his paycheck was spent.

Okay, if a clothes dryer is a luxury then how do I dry my clothes? The temperature is often in the single and teen digits around here during the winter. If they were hung outside my clothes would freeze into stiff boards before getting close to drying.

Try using Google. A simple query of “40 million uninsured” and here but a few websites which breaks down the 4-plus million figure and how it was determined and how it is being misused to manipulate. Everyone who is so quick to listen to the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Clintons, Obama, and Michael Moore, why not stop and look at the other side. To be on the list of uninsured, you only had to be uninsured at any time for the period in question. And let’s not consider the fact that nearly 45% were insured within 2 months of becoming uninsured.

Even if you hate Neal Boortz, he keeps saying not to believe everything that he says, check it out for yourself!

In my profession in a design field, there is an understanding when joining a firm that you cannot moonlight performing the same type of work for which you are employed at the firm with other companies or by yourself. An exception would be if you moonlight by teaching, or by providing a service to your family or religious organization. There are several reasons stated for that. If the work you produce outside your main company runs into problems and that company you moonlighted for gets sued, the sueing party may also try to sue your main employer, even though the work you produced was not the work of your main employer.

Your main employer wants you to be rested and attentive at your work. If you are getting tired and distracted by working a second job, you might do your main one incorrectly, which can lead to errors, and eventually liability and possible job loss. There are times when a lot of work comes in to your main work, and your employer may need you to be availble to work overtime for a short duration of time. If an employer finds out that you are moonlighting, it is a demerit in your record. This has been the only point that I found problematic with Dave Ramsey’s suggestions to go deliver pizzas on your free time as a means to supplement your income. It might work in certain types of work, but not in certain professions. It’s not just realistic. So a better approach is to cut down on expenses and tighten your use of credit, and get to where your use of credit is minimal. Personally, I am not there yet, but I’m working on it. I am single, so I can’t just expect a spouse to contribute to my living expenses.

By the way, the design field is one in which when you are required to work overtime, you do so and you don’t receive overtime pay. It’s standard in the industry because everyone is considered a professional. I’m not venting here, I’m explaining, for those of you that think that at least you can get extra money by working the overtime when it’s available. In 25 years of working, only one year did an employer announced that they would pay straight time for overtime work for. On certain years, some companies gave me an extra bonus in recognition of the overtime hours worked during the year. But a bonus, as the word means, is a gift, not an obligation.